Micro-credential Public strategy & behavior

FCSTGE_Zaki_Publieke strategie en gedrag

A modern public organisation requires strategic management. However, the public sector often struggles
when it comes to thinking strategically. This course expands learners’ understanding of strategic
management in public organisations. This includes providing learners with scientific knowledge of important strategic management theories, models, analytical frameworks, and instruments, as well as training them on practically  applying these strategy tools to organizational and societal  challenges. Throughout this course, we pay special attention to the policy contexts in which strategic management in the public sector is shaped and how this influences strategy in practice.

Course offerings and teaching methods in academic year 2023-2024

  • practicum 30.0 h
  • group work 30.0 h
  • lecture 20.0 h
  • self-reliant study activities 5.0 h

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Micro-Credential Public Strategy and Behavior


This micro-credential takes place in the 1st semester. 


A basic knowledge of policy science and public management is recommended.