Micro-credential public policy

This course aims to give students insight into the essence, development and applicability of the policy science so that they can better approach (typify and contextualize) and understand (explain and compare) public policy.


This course consists out of three parts:

A first part is introductionary and explains what (government) policy is and how is has been studied within the policy science.

The dynamics of policy-making are put central in a second part that zooms in on the different stages of the policy process (i.e. agenda-setting, policy formulation, decision-making, policy implementation, policy evaluation and evolution).

The third and last part zooms in on policy trends and developments such as ‘evidence-based’ policy-making.


1) Students approach public policy from a scientific point of view.

2) Students delimit the content and process of public policy.

3) Students apply the above competencies on concrete cases of public policy.

4) Students gather policy-relevant information in order to assess public policy and to gain insight into policy-making.

5) Students have developed an attitude of life-long learning vis-à-vis public policy

De micro-credential volgt hetzelfde stramien als de reguliere opleidingsonderdelen. 

  • Studietijd: 180u

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Micro-credential public policy


Deze micro-credential vindt plaats in het eerste semester. 


Voor dit opleidingsonderdeel zijn geen toelatingsvoorwaarden van toepassing.